Weirdcore Games: What is it, how it fits this aesthetic?

Weirdcore Games: What is it, how it fits this aesthetic?

The new look that has captured the attention of most viewers in both the fashion and entertainment industry is the weirdcore look. It has been featured in some music videos and movies by visual directors and producers across the industry. Weirdcore is renowned for its ability to Visualize and fertilize some creative ideas. You’re welcome to a world of Weirdcore.


What is weirdcore?

Weirdcore is an art and aesthetic concept that has gained popularity for its low-quality imaging or videos characterized with preternatural features and looks that impart some feelings of disorientation, nostalgia, confusion, and alienation. It has been used by some top celebrities such as M.I.A, Miley Cyrus, Hype Williams, etc.

What are weirdcore games?

In terms of its visuals, weirdcore games are significantly controlled or influenced by their general outlook of picture imageries, which are distributed on an older or traditional internet, between periods that ranged from about the late ’90s to mid-2000. Some of the features on weirdcore picture imageries were of low quality and standard.  The editing, which was of amateur standard, the image compression, and radical digital graphics are some of the features in a weirdcore game.

The dreadful, horrific feeling that weirdcore often conveys is due to its low quality of images and exceptionally due to its lack of context of the message the game conveys. The horrific feeling caused by the game to the viewer is immense to the game’s low imagery and displaying them in a not-so-familiar context and setting. This, therefore, does not imply that weirdcore is firmly rooted in horror or fear. It largely depends on the setting and context in which it is being displayed. Though some viewers find weirdcore games horrific or scary, others seem to find it discomforting, while still, some find it nostalgic.

What then could be the problem with Weirdcore visuals?

One of the most common features or elements in the weirdcore game is the Lo-Fi photography or the amateur. These are liminal spaces- an aesthetic that is strongly connected to weirdcore. Though the use of these elements is not mandatory or obligatory, weirdcore is firmly connected and relies on them for its delivery.

The virtual part of an image tends to display the message and context of whatever is being displayed. So, in weirdcore, the virtual aspect of its image most times reveals itself in the form of a plain-looking text, which carries a message that is either out of context or incomplete. Thereby leaving the viewer in doubt about what has been displayed or passed across. Hence, the viewer makes self-interpretations regarding the meaning and idea of what has been presented to them.

The amateur or Lo-Fi features of the weirdcore must not necessarily be present simultaneously to make a good image; weirdcore images could be constructed out of virtual elements exclusively. Regardless of how the weirdcore processes are approached, the images should still be aimed at leaving viewers in a hostile position or context, which brings out the fun in the game.

Where did Weirdcore Originates from?

It is pretty tricky and uncertain to trace back the exact origin of Weirdcore, but we can say that it can go far back as early 2010. Recently, it was determined that the earliest edition of weirdcore, which has a known date of creation, is in 2017, but it’s possible to get earlier editions with unknown or exact dates. Weirdcore became well known when DavidCrypt- a YouTuber, explained the Weirdcore aesthetic, uploaded a video on YouTube. It is believed and expected that weirdcore will become more popular and of great use as time goes on.

nothing feels real. i never felt myself. i’m attached and not in this world at the same time.
I left my body

Why is Weirdcore Scary?

One of the fascinating things about weirdcore is that it triggers the feeling of nostalgia in its viewers, especially for viewers who have a good and memorable childhood. Most times, images aim to put the viewer in an unfamiliar setting, which triggers an idea in the viewer’s mind but doesn’t really provide adequate information to form a familiar story. This is the idea that makes weirdcore incomprehensible and horrific as well.

On the other side, two contrasting emotions can be triggered in viewers’ lives, depending on their view or idea of nostalgia. Weirdcore games can cause a feeling of bad memory or phobia, making the viewers scared or confused. Also, it can trigger or cause a sense of comfort in other viewers, as it might remind them of a more amicable and favorable time in their life. The meaning behind images being displayed causes all these differences in the display of emotions. Weirdcore game, at its peak, is about bringing out one’s experiences and emotions, primarily.

For me personally it’s not scary. It’s confusing and mysterious. That’s why I love it. I even started designing weidcore shirts and stickers, don’t hesitate and please check out my weird core shop <3.

Can Weirdcore be independent of Aesthetics?

Weirdcore has been overlapped with aesthetics or other things inspired by it. Also, some people have been equating weirdcore with Liminal Spaces- an aesthetic that features a location that is a flow between two places or states of being. Liminal Spaces are relied upon for backgrounds of Weirdcore. Notwithstanding, Weirdcore can still stand on its own, as there are many ideas behind Weirdcore to make it unique and independent of aesthetics. Also, as earlier stated, the use of aesthetics is not obligatory in Weirdcore games.

Where is Weirdcore Applicable?

Weirdcore is applicable in music and games. Some examples of its application in music include; Cyriax, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada OFF OST, Limbo OST, and lots more. More about weirdcore music you can find in my blog post about weirdcore music. In games, Weirdcore is applicable in; Eastern Mind, Yume 2kki, Yume Nikki, and Soup 0.9, amongst others.

More about weirdcore and other aesthetics can be found at aesthetics wiki page.

In a nutshell, weirdcore might pose to be scary or abstract to many viewers, but the concept is beginning to gain a stance in the fashion, game, music, and video world. A lot of people have adopted the use of weirdcore to send a message to their audiences in ways that actual imaging will not fit. The human mind is a curious space. Weirdcore is gaining popularity for its ability to make the audience wonder and give different meanings to it. It is indeed a work of art and will be a trend for the future.

Thanks for reading, and till next time!

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