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Weirdcore Stickers for the Weirdo in You

Are you a follower of Weirdcore aesthetic? Is it much beyond an online art and aesthetic movement for you? Here, we have brought some amazing Weirdcore stickers for all looking to incorporate this unique aesthetic in their regular lives.

Weirdcore Stickers: Elements and Visuals:

True to the vibe of the Weirdcore aesthetic, our stickers have amateurish and low-resolution images seen on the internet in the late ‘90s and 2000s. Besides, we use lo-fi photography and image compression in designing our stickers. You will even see liminal spaces like airways, streets, or hallways in our stickers. Further, our Weirdcore items hardly have actual human figures. We use shadow-like figures, skeletons, human parts to create a sense of disorientation and surrealism. Also, the text and image printed on our stickers may or may not match each other. We intentionally use incomplete or irrelevant taglines. So, our Weirdcore stickers offer a free interpretation. You may find them a little unsettling or perceive them as accessories that offer you food for thought.

However, the elements we use in our stickers are not always the same. Irrespective of the element we use, the stickers exude an unsettling or not-so-normal vibe.

The Theme of Our Weirdcore Stickers:

Our Weirdcore stickers come in vibrant colors. However, they never deviate from the basic theme of the Weirdcore aesthetic. All our stickers exude a sense of disorientation through the low-quality images or graphics used. Some find our stickers a little eerie, and others find nostalgia and a sense of comfort in them. However, how you perceive a sticker will completely depend on your thought process.

Designed to Grab Attention:

Drip Crime Weirdcore stickers are available in various designs. You can find a blue cat sticker with a psychedelic background. The eyes of the cats are replaced with striped graphics to create a sense of horror. Besides, there is a sticker in our collection, showing a flower in the place of a human face. The tagline of the same sticker says, “You are going to be okay,” and “Never seen myself.”

Your choices of  Weirdcore stickers are surely going to be endless at Drip Crime. You can paste these stickers on your laptop, notebook, journal, or any other suitable place. Further, our stickers come with a long-lasting vinyl surface and a glossy paper finish. You can use a soft, dry, and clean piece of cloth to remove dirt or dust gathered on your stickers. You just need to move the piece of cloth from the center to outwards. Do you want to check some Weirdcore mobile covers? We have a fetching collection.