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“Great shirt! the unisex small fit well. I’m on the short side, so it was a tiny bit longer than I’d like, but nothing that bothers me. Soft material and the print was easy to see (even though it’s black on black).”

5 of 5 stars, Karla from Etsy

“Perfect quality shirt, print looks fab. Shipping was very fast to Australia. Super happy with my purchase.”

5 of 5 stars, Meo from Etsy


5 out of 5 stars , Fire from Etsy

“This shirt is dope and I feel dope wearing it”

5 of 5 stars, lex from Etsy

“I’ve worn this shirt once so far and I got drowned in compliments. The shirt fits beautifully, and the fabric is very soft. My expectations were more than met.”

5 of 5 stars, DS SKELETON from Etsy

Alternative aesthetic style clothing brand

This page is dedicated to DRIPCRIME’s unique, handcrafted designs collection of alternative and weirdcore style clothes.

If you love our designs, don’t forget to check it once in a while, because DRIPCRIME is working hard to add new alt weirdcore stuff to the store daily! Btw, it’s one human being (my) clothing brand…

Hope you enjoy this page!

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