They say we are the weirdos...

This page is dedicated to various alternative people. We design graphics and produce clothing inspired by alt style human beings, tattoos, grunge, the dark side of life, our favorite artists, real-life experiences and more.

Drip Crime is on a mission to connect with alternative souls and help them to find a little, relatable piece of their own life puzzle here.

The clothing we make always has unique graphics, and a statement and they all were made by me, or dope artists I collaborate with.

We are proud that we are not a mass-produced clothing brand, we don’t throw away shit tons of clothing after the season. Our production is limited and made only on demand. We believe that we offer the best to our customer's prices, designs, and quality-wise.


We got a category dedicated to organic cotton. Our main supplier of organic cotton clothing for our brand is Stanley Stella. You can visit their website at www.stanleystella.com/ and learn more about their sustainability, certifications.


Clothing-wise, we are more of essentials clothing brand. Our main category and focus are on graphic t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, etc. Probably you can call it basic stuff. A cool graphic tee never goes out of style and it's a perfect canvas and way to express yourself. 😈