Hey, how is it going guys? I thought about sharing inspired by weirdcore, outfit ideas once in a while. So let it be the first post of this series. You will find a photo and some written descriptiona about every item. Check it out!

  1. You’re Going to Be Okay Weirdcore T-Shirt

This T-Shirt resonates brilliantly with the surrealism and disorientation of the Weirdcore aesthetic. It has a human figure in a meditating pose. The face is replaced with a flower and an eye in the center. The taglines “You’re going to be okay,” and “Never seen myself in the inside” make the T-Shirt more grab-worthy. This is exclusive crafted design by me. If you interested, check it out in detail by clicking here: weirdcore t-shirt.

Are you looking for the perfect accessory to complement your Weirdcore outfit? How about this pair of drop earrings? This pair has skeleton prints, exuding a funky yet eerie charm. Besides, the earrings will not cause any discomfort to your earlobes, and hence you can wear them all day long.

Walk in style by matching this pair of rugged jeans. The unique wash and rugged texture give this pair a stylish look. Besides, it comes with a zip fly with a suspender button so that you can wear it quite conveniently. Further, the multiple pockets will help you carry your essentials with ease, along with making a style statement.

Addition to your weirdcore outfit: Skull Hip-hop Cap and high-top lace-up shoes

Express your unique style statement by wearing this cap with your casual outfit. It is a Hip-hop cap and has a skeleton print that will grab your instant attention. Besides, it is made of a breathable material that will not make you feel sweaty. Further, it has a long beak to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the Sun.

Rev up your footwear collection with this pair of high-top shoes. It comes with contrasting laces and a contrast stitch detailing throughout, rendering it a stylish look. Besides, its high-top style makes it ideal for casual hiking and daily wear. Also, it comes with a comfortable midsole to keep your feet at ease. Moreover, its outer sole promises a firm grip on any surface.

Thanks for reading, and till next time! <3


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