What is weirdcore? How is it changing aesthetics of outfits?

What is weirdcore? How is it changing aesthetics of outfits?

So, it’s about the rise of different aesthetics! Different aesthetics are redefining the internet culture today. Needless to say that these are bringing huge changes in our outfits and fashion statements. If you notice, one of the most popular subcultures on the internet today is the Weirdcore aesthetic, and there is a huge craze for Weirdcore outfits among youngsters.

Weirdcore is also known as Oddcore, and it came into being in late 2020. Probably, the dark days of the pandemic forced the world to contemplate and reflect. Besides, the best part of this aesthetic is that it does not look for validation or conform to the set norms. It just allows everyone to be themselves.

Often considered as the sister to Weirdcore, Dreamcore is another popular internet aesthetic today. This aesthetic deals with surreal and unsettling imageries. Besides, the Dreamcore aesthetic is often seen as a dreamier version of Cottagecore, the most popular internet aesthetic in 2020. Taylor Swift’s Cardigan portrayed Cottagecore to perfection with earthy tones, candles, and homespun-like outfits.

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According to one of the official blogs of YouTube, each of these aesthetics has its own fashion, design, and style of music. Today, there are clothing brands like Mantas Tamosaitis that are making Weirdcore aesthetic clothing more popular. Have you seen Weirdcore outfits Gacha Club, or Weirdcore Roblox outfits yet?These have made Weirdcore T-shirts and outfits quite popular among gamers.

So, What is Weirdcore? Why is Weirdcore Clothes Such a Rage Today?

The core value of Weirdcore, an online art and aesthetic movement, is confusion, discomfort, and nostalgia. Also known as Oddcore, Strangecore, or Creepycore, it deals with low-quality graphics and photographs. All these elements invoke a sense of disorientation, nostalgia, or alienation. Some may find Weirdcore aesthetic or Weirdcore aesthetic outfits disturbing. However, many youngsters love those outfits for their uniqueness.

If we also look for the Weirdcore stories or videos doing rounds on the internet, we will see those are made in RPG-like format. Platforms like Tiktok are great for Weirdcore aesthetics as those have a simple format for making and sharing videos. Besides, songs like Daisy Bell or Run Rabbit Run are labeled as Weirdcore for exuding a child-like yet distorted vibe.

What is Weirdcore Aesthetic Theme?

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Thematically, Weirdcore is the best representation of disorientation. The low-quality images/graphics, and an absence of the context of these elements in respect to the message or location shown, create this feeling of disorientation. However, Weirdcore does not need to be necessarily associated with horror. You will see a lot of Weirdcore Halloween costumes, though. Yes, we admit that Weirdcore exudes an eerie charm, but there is more to it.

You will also see low-quality images of empty kindergarten classrooms, hallways, or childrens’ bedrooms dominating the Weirdcore outfit ideas. Besides, often there will be texts like “Wake Up,” “Build in Progress,” on these outfits. Further, most of the time, there will be no human figure in the images or graphics. Instead, Weirdcore is known for using skeletons, shadow-like figures, or objects for human depiction.

However, we think that the eerie vibes come from the imageries that place people in unfamiliar contexts or settings, much like the paintings of Salvador Dali. Besides, the fear or sense of disassociation is purely psychological and will differ from one individual to another. Some may find Weirdcore outfits scary or ominous, but others may see nostalgia and a sense of comfort in those.

Further, this aesthetic reminds me of the films of Roman Polanski as he mastered the art of surrealism and psychological play. Especially, the film Rosemary’s Baby, a psychological horror, leaves the viewers wondering about the actualness of the eerie incidents happening.  

What is Weirdcore Visual?

Weirdcore reminds us of the way the internet images used to look. Especially, it replicates the charm of internet images found during the late ‘90s and 2000s. The graphics in those images were primitive and editing amateurish. Besides, lo-fi photography and image compression are also widely used in Weirdcore images. Further, Weirdcore images are known for using Liminal spaces like hallways, airways, or streets.

Also, the image and the text printed on any Weirdcore T-Shirt or any other outfit may or may not match with each other. In most cases, the messages/texts used are incomplete or out-of-context, manifesting a sense of disassociation. However, on the brighter side, it allows the viewer or wearer to make their own interpretations or ask questions. In a nutshell, it allows the viewer or wearer to not conform to so-called “normalcy.”

At the same time, these elements are not mandatory in creating Weirdcore images. Irrespective of the elements being used, a sense of unfamiliarity or discomfort should come through.

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Weirdcore and Clothes:

As we were browsing through the Instagram page of Dripcrime, a alternative, weirdcore clothing brand, we found Weirdcore outfits for men, women, and children. Skeleton imageries are used in abundance in the T-Shirts for human depiction. Besides, there are images of snakes, tortoises, angels, and psychedelic lights, making each piece unique. The captions like “Not Famous,” “Hell looks like earth” “Angel Touch,” “It’s Alive,” etc., will instantly grab your attention.

The shades used in the images/graphics are unique, and the quirky images on the outfits leave enough room for interpretation. For example, there is a T-Shirt with an image where an grim reaper is holding a scythe in the full moon light, and in another outfit, there is a floating eyes and hands. All these imageries provide food for thought and attract youngsters who always look for something unique.

There is a lot of space outside of these weird images, such as incorporating your designs into 
custom PVC patches and adding them to clothes to make the clothes unique and show your 
personality without conflicting with others. Because creativity cannot be copied. 

Mostly, the background colors of the T-Shirts are kept as black or white. These monochromatic backgrounds further highlight the Weirdcore images or graphics used more prominently.

Further, the Weirdcore T-Shirts or outfits are unsettling in their thoughts or visuals, but they are quite comfortable to wear. Made of organic cotton and other high-quality materials, these are ideal for wearing during all seasons.

What is Weirdcore? Is it the Same as Dreamcore?

No, Weirdcore and Dreamcore are not the same. Dreamcore visuals are unsettling and comforting at the same time. Similar to Weirdcore, Dreamcore also focuses on creating a feeling of surrealism. However, it also has some features of Traumacore. At the same time, Dreamcore and Weirdcore both try to express complex emotions and abstract feelings through art, fashion, and overall aesthetics.

What is Weirdcore Aesthetic’s Impact on Offline World?

Though Weirdcore is originally an online movement, many people have embraced it in their real lives. Especially, Gen Z is going ga-ga over this newfound internet subculture. Today, there are many guides, videos and quizzes, and communities for the followers of Weirdcore. Besides, it has become so big that it is no more just an internet aesthetic movement. On the contrary, it has become some kind of art revolution that has impacts on our everyday fashion, room decor, and overall aesthetic sense.

There is skepticism about the possibility of capturing the right essence of Weirdcore in outfits and fashion accessories. However, Weirdcore fashion accessories, clothes, decor items, etc., have already found their own niche.


To sum up, in this troubled time, many of us want to break free from realism and find refuge in a safer and happier past. Weirdcore collectively resonates the same yearning for a safer space through self-expression, surrealism, and a tint of nostalgia. Besides, the disassociation portrayed through Weirdcore takes us on a trip where we cherish our altered memories. Weirdcore outfits are nothing but a medium of depicting the same world.

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