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Drip Crime: Your One-Stop Shop for Weirdcore Aesthetic Clothes and Accessories

Weirdcore aesthetic has redefined the internet subculture lately. We also cannot get enough of this surreal aesthetic that imparts a sense of disassociation, nostalgia, and disorientation. Our founder and designer, Mantas Tamosaitis, is heavily inspired by this online art and aesthetic movement. Besides, we also collaborate with dope artists to design Weirdcore clothes and other Weirdcore items.

We also have a collection of Weirdcore Dreamcore outfits and accessories. We know that the Dreamcore aesthetic is different from Weirdcore as it also has some elements of the Traumacore. However, we think that Dreamcore has certain similarities to Dreamcore in terms of an “unsettling” vibe. Further, many people may find Weirdcore and Dreamcore designs a little disturbing. However, we think that the Weirdcore aesthetic is all about uniqueness and our collection is nothing but a reflection of that. So, let’s give you a brief idea about our Weirdcore collection without much ado.

Our Weirdcore Clothes:

If you are an admirer of Weirdcore fashion, you will surely love our collection. You can wear them regularly or pick them for Halloween or theme-based parties. From exaggerated human eyes to distorted human and animal figures, our clothes truly resonates with the Weirdcore aesthetic. Besides, the taglines like “Fill Me,” or “Can You See?” make the clothes grab-worthy. Mostly, the background of our clothes is monochromatic. This highlights the unique play of shades and imageries in our Weirdcore outfits.

Further, we believe in a sustainable fashion. So, mostly, our Weirdcore fashion clothes are made of organic cotton. Now, organic cotton is an eco-friendlier version of standard cotton, and it absorbs very little water. Also, our organic cotton Weirdcore clothes are very comfortable to wear. Once again, our organic cotton clothes are GMO-free and PETA-certified. So, if you are a vegan and Weirdcore lover, you can choose our “ethical” Weirdcore clothes.

Weirdcore Aesthetic Phone Cases:

Our Weirdcore phone cases are also made of biodegradable materials. Here also, we follow sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Gothic figures, serpents, skeletons, and other disorienting images dominate the designs of our Weirdcore phone cases. Besides, you will get a phone cover that perfectly fits your mobile phone. Also, the cutouts for your camera lenses and buttons will be perfectly in place.

Weirdcore Aesthetic Stickers:

How about collecting some unique Weirdcore stickers? You can have a look at our collection. We are sure that you will instantly connect with the anime Weirdcore stickers, cat stickers, evil eye stickers, and many more. You can paste these stickers on your laptop, journal, paper box, or any place suitable.So, it’s time you explore how we have translated the Weirdcore aesthetic in our outfits, accessories,  and home decor ideas. We are waiting for you to connect!Do you want to add some Weirdcore shirts to your wardrobe? Then, check out our collection