Check out our weirdcore items collection and portray your inner weirdo.

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Check Out Our Amazing Collection of Weirdcore Accessories

Weirdcore may be an online movement, but its followers have made it a part of their daily lives. It has become so powerful that it is redefining our everyday fashion, lifestyle, and room decor ideas. Besides, we are living in a troubled time and often feel the need to cherish our altered memories. Weirdcore accessories and outfits help us to look back at a sunnier past. Further, Weirdcore aesthetic and our accessories based on it portray self-expression and surrealism. Also, our Weirdcore collection imparts a sense of nostalgia that is very comforting. You can check out our accessories to pick the best one for you. Our collection comprises mobile covers, pin buttons, journals, etc.

Weirdcore Collection Mobile Cover:

You will just swoon over our mobile covers and other Weirdcore accessories. All our mobile covers are made with biodegradable materials as we believe in eco-friendly and sustainable practices. You won’t believe that the mobile covers are produced using materials like soil, sawdust, pepper, onions, carrots, rice, soybeans, and wheat. Further, they are designed with images or graphics like skeletons, eerie faces, serpents, etc. We do not believe in bulk production as we think that may hamper the quality of our Weirdcore accessories.

Also, we always admire bespoke design for clothes and accessories. So, we will make the perfect Weirdcore mobile cover on your demand.Our mobile covers are also sturdy enough to protect your phone from bumps and scratches. Besides, they have a thickness of over 1.8mm and are ideal for anti-shock protection. Further, you don’t have to worry about polluting the environment while disposing of them. They will automatically get discomposed in one year.Moreover, with our mobile covers, you can expect the best ergonomics and snug fit for your device. They will have the perfect cutouts according to the camera lens and button positioning of your mobile phone model.

Pin Button Weirdcore Accessories:

Pin buttons are great for enhancing your style statement and helping you to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Our Weirdcore pin buttons come with quirky images and taglines to grab your attention instantly. You can attach them to your casual T-Shirt or shirt to get noticed. Also, these can be great props for theme-based parties, where the guests can wear a pin button on their outfits for fun.Moreover, be assured that our pin buttons will not cause any damage to your cloth. Even the chances of pin buttons piercing your skin will be very less.

Journals and Notebooks:

We also have journals and notebooks in our Weirdcore accessories collection. Any professional or student will surely love to use them.In a nutshell, you just need to check out our Weirdcore collection to find everything you need.You can even have a look at our Weirdcore shirts if you want to make a unique fashion statement.