Discover our wide selection of ethical, organic (eco-friendly) alt/goth/y2k inspired graphic clothes.

Shout it Out for Ethical Alt Clothing from Drip Crime!

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General information about organic t-shirts collection

So, how do we use the alternative subculture in our ethical alt clothing? We do everything that is not mainstream. Further, we take inspiration from various subcultures like Gothic, Punk, etc., to create our own label. Today mainstream media acknowledge that fast fashion alternatives are as important as commercial fashion. However, we know our niche, and our clothing collection is like a platform for people who do not conform to the setup rules. Be it fashion, or everyday life, uniqueness should reign supreme, and our ethical alt clothing is a reflection of that.

Ethical Alt Clothing: Not Second-Handed:

We know that it’s hard to find brands that are truly “ethical” in making and selling their clothing. Many brands even sell second-handed products. But we don’t! We consider each of our customers as a fellow believer of the alternative aesthetic. So, we ensure you get the finest quality, and design at the best price once you buy a T-shirt, shirt, crop top, T-Shirt dress from us. Further, we are not into bulk manufacturing. We are happy to make a limited number of outfits for the believers in fast fashion alternatives. Besides, we love to make clothes on demand.

Our Ethical Alt Clothing: Eco-friendly and Comfortable:

Yes, we believe that true fashion expresses who you are without compromising comfort. Most of our clothes are crafted with care using the highest quality recycled organic cotton. Thanks to, we have a huge collection of organic cotton outfits. Our organic cotton clothes have natural fibers, and absorb lesser water than regular cotton outfits. Besides, these outfits are sustainable and made in an eco-friendly manner. Also, organic cotton is GMO-free, and no pesticide or fertilizer is used in the production of organic cotton. In a nutshell, we promote ethical, and sustainable fashion. Further, all our clothes are vegan/cruelty-free. We hold a PETA certification for the same. Our clothes are also colorfast and known for long shelf life.

Designs that Make You Stand Out:

Mantas Tamosaitis is the founder and designer of our ethical alt clothing line. He is drawn towards everything mysterious, alternative, and unique. Further, his designs are inspired by grunge, tattoos, alternative style human beings, real-life experiences, the darker side of life, or even his favorite artists. If you check out our collection of ethical alt clothingyou will find skeleton prints and out-of-the-box designs in abundance. For example, in our collection, there is a unisex eco-friendly hoodie that makes a statement with the print of vampire’s teeth. Once again, there is a crop top with a pizza print that reminds us of dripping blood. Further, we believe that the taglines like “EW People”, “CEREAL KILLER”, or “SORRY IM AWKARD” will instantly connect with an alternative mind like you. If you into weird stuff, we truly invite you to visit our weirdcore aesthetic clothes collection!

So, it’s time you choose our ethical alternative outfits and make your own fashion statement!

What kind of ethical alt fashion do you offer?

Main focus is original designed fashion essentials like streetwear style t-shirts, hoodies, crop tops, etc. Organic cotton blanks which is premium quality. Category is dedicated to 100% organic cotton clothes only.

How is your clothing ethical?

Our ethical alt fashion clothes is OEKO-TEX, PETA certified. GMO-FREE, 100% organic cotton, made with eco friendly water based inks. Our main supplier for organic cotton blanks is Stanley Stella. The clothing is nowhere near mass produced and we make everything on demand.